Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Love Forever@ Rajpath

           If anything that excites us more than or equal to our school or college days, that is our first job. And if this new beginning is coupled with another one, say, we find the love of our life, then it becomes the focal point of life. Love Forever @ Rajpath by Kalpana Mishra begins its journey from this point and gives it such a twist that readers remain hooked to it till the end.  

As story unfolds, we find curiosity bug making some young men uneasy to discover all about the new entrants in their service, an office of one of the ministries of Government of India. And we are introduced to Kartik, a dynamic but introvert guy. Then there is only girl in the new batch Shalini, who soon becomes the centre of attraction for everyone.   

Coincidently, I started my career also almost at the same time, in 2003, and in the same kind of set up. Not only that, like the male protagonist of the novel, Kartik, I also hail from Bihar. So while reading the book, it was like looking back and trying to recall if I knew them. Not only the descriptions of government set-up but also the life styles of the both characters, particularly the idiosyncrasy of the Bihari boy, his family background, kidnapping scenes became alive for me and I could see the characters moving around. 

I had been attracted to this book at the very first glance because I had also named my first novel Love@... But at the eleventh hour I changed it to A Rose on The Platform. I apprehended that we might have the similar kind of stories. Then I came in contact with the author Kalpana Mishra through the Facebook and decided to read it.
And I am glad to read it.  It is an interesting book.

The most of the events take place in Delhi and anyone who lives in Delhi can easily connect to it. The story flows smoothly and doesn’t promise anything out of the world. It is grounded and makes us part of it. We become characters and feel their joy and pain.

It has been drafted in a very well planned manner, language crispy and to the point. It makes an interesting reading and I would recommend it to anyone who loves romance novels. 

|Book :  Love Forever@ Rajpath
Author: Kalpana Mishra
Publisher: Srishti Publishers, Delhi 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Aatm-Sakshatkar Abhi Baki Hai… Answering the perennial questions…

These days we often hear that poetry is dying out, no one reads poetry and no one buys poetry books. The last one may be a bit true, as we hardly buy a book of poems but neither it is dying out nor it has any dearth of readers. And poets, their number is flourishing like never before. Question though there is one: how many of them write good poetry, poetry that will survive the test of time?

      Well, frankly speaking, apart from my college days I have never bought a book of poems. Last time, I had bought a collection of poems was a decade ago. It is more or less due to online availability of poems, and also because my office library, parliament library, has reach collection of books. But anyway, I never gave up reading poetry.
Recently, I bought a book, Aatm-sakshatkar Abhi Baki Hai…, after reading a poem from it on Facebook. Though Vikash Bhattacharya has been a Facebook friend for quite a long time, I didn’t know him personally.

      But I am happy not only to read his book but also to have a friend like him, who is a genius and a multi-talented person.

      I would call Aatm-Sakshatkar Abhi Baki Hai… a collection of gems. It reminded me of poems by Bhavani Prasad Mishra, the noted Hindi poet.

Vikash pours out his heart into his poems. And emotion flows like a river in the summer, cool and calm yet reminding us of its flow, its breathing and its deepness.  

     The success of these poems lies in its flow, its simplicity and simple words, and then without difficulty their ability to tell us the most complicated aspects of the life. The Poet is so fascinated with life that he keeps on questioning about several aspects of it, though at heart, he knows that these questions have never been answered. No, he doesn’t philosophize; he tells us the plain truth through his own experiences.

     What strikes me most is that many of his poems, directly or indirectly, talk about the ultimate truth of our life- death. I did ask him, why so many poems on it.   ‘Death intrigues me,’ was his reply. And it is quite visible throughout the book. But beauty of it is that he doesn’t make us sad about it. 

     Poems like Ye Reteeli Zindgi… (The Sandy Life), Shav Yatra (Funeral Procession), Mrituy (Death), Sadak Durghatna (Road accident), Samay ka Chakra (The Wheel of Time) etc talk about the grim realities of our life.

    What is more interesting is that a poem, Meri Priyatma (My Beloved), which we may take as a romantic one, and  in fact it is as long as we don’t go into the deeper meaning of it, also talks about the ultimate truth.

      It has been after quite a long time, I have read such beautiful and intriguing poems. I am more than happy to recommend this book to readers, especially poetry lovers. And I think smooth flow of these poems will take them along nicely, giving them soothing pleasures and some new perspectives to their otherwise mundane life.  

Book: Aatm Sakshatkar Abhi Baki Hai...
Poet: Vikash Bhattacharya
Publisher: Zorba Books
Genre: Poetry 
Language: Hindi
Available on:; and book stores