Friday, March 5, 2010

Mukhiyaji passes away

It is heart breaking but it is true that our Mukhiyaji (though he was a former but for us he is always Mukhiyaji, Satyanarayan Kherwar passed away on 26th February, 2010. Around nine in the evening he had a severe heart attack and before something could be done, the Yamraj took him away from us.

He is survived by wife, two sons and three daughters. By occupation being a farmer he knew very well the problems of farmers and labourers and always fighted for causes of farmers and labourers. He had a great personality and was centre of attraction.

My earliest memory of him is that of him playing the role of a Daku in a play staged at Amrit Chowk. Many fondly used to him Dara Singh, because he had such peronality. In fact, he had acted in many plays staged at various palces in Basantpur, Birpur.