Monday, June 6, 2016

Why reasons of success are a few but of failure so many?

 Have you ever paid attention to the excuses made by a person, who has recently failed to do something?

For last one week, every night before going to bed I have been promising myself that the next morning I would rise early and would go to park for the jogging. And each morning I have failed to follow it. And when doctor asked me about it, I had so many excuses or reasons: felt tired, had to work till late night, some family tensions etc. I continued and if he had allowed me to speak, I could have gone on for half an hour till I had made him agree with me completely.

This is just one example. Failure has so many reasons- uncountable, unimaginable, unstoppable, undeniable reasons. The list can go on. I think I can write a book in fifteen volumes on the ‘Reasons of Failure’, because I have failed so many times and in every field of life. Only problem is that I don’t know how to give up.  

And these reasons of failures are, believe me, genuine ones. They are mostly not lies. Some maybe exaggerations, but most of them are true.

Take one example. If someone says, he couldn’t attend the exam because his father died on that day, he is not lying. He has a reason. If someone says that he met with an accident just on the day of a life-time-opportunity like the last attempt for the civil services or some important job, he is right and he has a reason. But then these reasons add to their failures without giving them any chances. We can’t blame them yet we cannot take away the burden of guilt or failure from their shoulders. And that is because just after that they blamed the destiny for their failures and stopped making further efforts or look for opportunities in other fields. Had they continued with their efforts, perhaps they would have succeeded but they got an opportunity to blame and abuse destiny for rest of their life. And what is ironical is that they would rest of their life use it as an excuse and it would satisfy them.

On the other hand, reasons for success are a few. I set the target, I worked hard, I remained positive, I understood the value of time and I succeeded. That is all.

From the time immemorial, we have been following the same mantra. The formula for success has not changed. The way, method, technique etc might have changed, but the basic formula or mantra has remained same for thousands of years. Whatever the field, whatever the goal, whatever the line the successful person has followed the same steps:  decided goal, decided way, worked hard, kept hope and tried again and again and succeeded. So simple yet so difficult to follow.

Why such simple things are so difficult to follow? 

I think, and you too may have some other ideas, that is because it doesn’t have any space for the excuses of which we are so fond of. It doesn’t allow us to live as per our whims. We have to live a disciplined life. And discipline is such a boring and tedious thing. And hence what looks simple becomes very difficult.

Watching a TV for two hours is easy, but reading a book for even half an hour is difficult unless you become habitual of it, addicted to it. Dreaming is very easy, but planning to achieve that dream is difficult unless it becomes a passion, an urge that cannot be pacified until it is achieved. Working is okay but hard working is difficult unless it starts giving you pleasure.

So the first requirement to keep simple thing simple is passion. When we become passionate about our goal, we want it at any cost and we give our best. Second requirement is to derive pleasure. If we don’t get pleasure in doing something, ninety nine percent chances are that it would be a failure. Third requirement is that it has to be meaningful. We put our all efforts only when we are doing something meaningful. An act done for momentary pleasure, hardly ever gives us any satisfaction.

And the most important thing is if you failed in a particular field, never forget to try some other, whichever, but is should be closest to your heart.  Maybe you had come on this earth to achieve that second thing.
(Just trying to motivate myself.) 


Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Here is the first step towards realization of my dream: A ROSE ON THE PLATFORM, my debut novel.